Important News

May 2016

After 8 years of working as an independent elite escort I am taking a step back from this endeavour. With recent changes in my life I am ready for new pursuits. Perhaps this is a sabbatical or perhaps it is something more. For the past two years I have been holding off on working on some projects that are important to me and I have decided now is the time for me to give them the attention they deserve.

For the next few months I am limiting my meetings significantly in terms of time and design to suit my current state of mind and availability. At the end of 2016 I will reflect on my situation and decide how I wish to proceed.

If in the next few months you wish to meet with me, please do e-mail me as a date may be a possibility. It will all depend on the constraints of my schedule and the kind of date you are requesting.

I want to take a moment to say thank you to my loyal clients. Thank you for inviting me to share precious moments with you these past 8 years. I have enjoyed our experiences together and have much appreciation for your friendship and kindness. I will carry many fond memories with me as I explore new horizons.

Couples visiting Montreal, I want you to find the right companion for you so I have decided to transfer my Escort For Couples website to another lovely and reputable Montreal based companion. Her name is Juliette Dubois.

I am not receiving any compensation for referring Juliette to you. I am simply redirecting my clientele to a reputable provider.

If you would like to meet with Juliette and have me to act as a reference, please e-mail me first.

Warm regards,

Charlotte Sinclair